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vacuousness sentence in Hindi

"vacuousness" meaning in Hindi
  • In 1996, physicist Alan Sokal set out to demonstrate the intellectual vacuousness of deconstruction by submitting an article intentionally devoid of any meaning to the journal Social Text.
  • The lyrics are a commentary on the banality and vacuousness of successful pop songs, making " Hook " both a hit song and a satire of a hit song.
  • By having articles on these phrazes wikipedia can infact play the positive role of exposing their vacuousness .-- JK the unwise 09 : 02, 28 November 2005 ( UTC)
  • And though some of its content delves into the goth and ambient genres, it easily avoids the former's self-indulgent melodramatics and the latter's vacuousness ."
  • President Clinton's impeachment trial in the Senate is so rich in irony, hypocrisy and vacuousness that after it is over months will be needed to reflect on the folly of it all.
  • "I think a lot about it, " said Bush, in another of those slightly goofy allusions that his supporters find endearing and his foes pounce upon as proof of vacuousness.
  • You're watching escapist fantasy vacuousness-- we're not passing judgment here, we're just discussing-- and there are cliff-hanging, inane dramatics happening in gorgeous televised color.
  • He's the gatekeeper to Vince's marketable vacuousness, so much so that Ari ( who derides him as a " pizza boy " ) has to meet with Eric to negotiate Vince's business deals.
  • Our experience with high-tech evil and failure should prepare for the reality that the Internet disappoints us and causes us angst about its vacuousness, its frustrating unreliability and its capacity to transmit malevolence and lies at top speed.
  • He denounced local musical performances as'execrable'and deplored the vacuousness of Melbourne's concert-goers who, he declared, had'no taste . . . and are profoundly ignorant of what music is '.
  • Essentially, he's a lobotomized version of the go-getter he played in " Reality Bites " _ though here he's the one being bitten, by Schaeffer's take on downtown art vacuousness.
  • That puts a heavy burden on the soloists : not only must they have the range and agility to meet the music's demands, but they must sing thrillingly enough to make the work's vacuousness seem beside the point.
  • Variety shows perished from their own vacuousness ( death knell : " The Brady Bunch Hour, " 1977 ), but award shows have survived thanks to an air of urgency that makes us feel like we're watching breaking news.
  • Dismayed by the privileged people around her, she decides that life is meaningless, and that unless she can find something worth living for, beyond the " vacuousness of bourgeois existence ", she will commit suicide on June 16, her thirteenth birthday.
  • Shelley Long ( as Carol ) and Gary Cole ( Mike ) stay in tune with the vacuousness of the material, as do the Brady children, in a film that " manages to be painless and pointless in equal measure " ( Maslin ).
  • Singer-songwriter Thomas Dolby's 1988 song " Airhead " includes the lyric, " Quod erat demonstrandum, baby, " referring to the self-evident vacuousness of the eponymous subject; and in response, a female voice squeals, delightedly, " Oooh . . . you speak French !"
  • The cast, featuring potentially pulse-quickening cameos by real " Brady Bunch " television stars ( Ann B . Davis, Florence Henderson, Barry Williams ), is led by Shelley Long ( as Carol ) and Gary Cole ( Mike ), who are nicely in tune with the vacuousness of their material.
  • Eller concludes that inventing prehistoric ages in which women and men lived in harmony and equality " is a burden that feminists need not, and should not bear . " In her view, the " matriarchal myth " tarnishes the feminist movement by leaving it open to accusations of " vacuousness and irrelevance that we cannot afford to court ."
  • He continues, " The bill is not original with New Mexicans, but instead, clearly inspired by the  Intelligent Design movement; for example, the pro-ID think tank, Seattle s Discovery Institute, promotes a  model bill . . . " There is also, " David Thomas : Something Rotten In Denmark : How Hamlet's  Weasel Reveals The Vacuousness Of Intelligent Design ."
  • Stephen Dalton of " Annie, For The Ting Tings, though, it suggests there's no way back from Nowheresville . " " The Observer " s Killian Fox opined that the duo " can still write a catchy tune [ . . . ] but these songs are all surface, with only the odd hook to snag us . " Guy Oddy of The Arts Desk panned the album, dubbing it a " disappointment " and expressing that " it's not wholly clear whether the Ting Tings have become cultural commentators, like Negativland without samplers, and " Super Critical " is a prank about the vacuousness of so much chart pop, or whether they've committed commercial suicide ."
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