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vacuole sentence in Hindi

"vacuole" meaning in Hindi
  • Ions that are absorbed into tissues are sequestered in cell vacuoles.
  • This sequestration mechanism is facilitated by proteins on the vacuole membrane.
  • The operations of vacuoles are different for plant and animal vacuoles.
  • The operations of vacuoles are different for plant and animal vacuoles.
  • Note that cells in the root tip do not contain vacuoles.
  • The remaining sulfate in plant tissue is transferred into the vacuole.
  • The cytoplasm is coarsely granular in appearance and usually lacks vacuoles.
  • The vacuole structure containing the symbiont is therefore termed the symbiosome.
  • Typically infecting cellular vacuoles, tachyzoites divide by endodyogeny and endopolygeny.
  • At the end of the gullet, a food vacuole forms.
  • It replicates within membrane-bound cytoplasmic vacuoles in host cells.
  • Carboxyl-terminal ) with endophilins can induce intracellular vacuole formation.
  • In animals, vacuoles serve in exocytosis and endocytosis processes.
  • The vacuole probably evolved several times independently, even within the Viridiplantae.
  • The low pH of the vacuole also allows degradative enzymes to act.
  • Deep-sea organisms contain gas-filled spaces ( vacuoles ).
  • The cyst wall is formed by the parasitophorous vacuole membrane.
  • Some species contain polysaccharide reserves in the form of iodinophillous vacuole ".
  • The cytoplasm is in constant motion about the central vacuole.
  • The food vacuole is small and the parasite is compact.
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