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English-Hindi > shone

shone meaning in Hindi

pronunciation: [ ʃɔn ]  sound:  
shone sentence in Hindi
1.The sun shone brightly, a warm breeze tickled the skin.

2.Still, over a longer period, these funds have shone.

3.He smiled, and a strange light shone on his countenance.

4.Facing Mathis, some of the real ring rust shone through.

5.Rock crystals washed clean by the rain shone in pale sunlight.

6.French theater, however, has not shone in recent years.

7.Only a faint sun shone through London's winter damp.

8.Diamonds shone, fans waved, bald pates shone like marble.

9.Diamonds shone, fans waved, bald pates shone like marble.

10.At least he shone through the gloom for a fleeting moment.

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