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shone sentence in Hindi

"shone" meaning in Hindi
  • The sun shone brightly, a warm breeze tickled the skin.
  • Still, over a longer period, these funds have shone.
  • He smiled, and a strange light shone on his countenance.
  • Facing Mathis, some of the real ring rust shone through.
  • Rock crystals washed clean by the rain shone in pale sunlight.
  • French theater, however, has not shone in recent years.
  • Only a faint sun shone through London's winter damp.
  • Diamonds shone, fans waved, bald pates shone like marble.
  • Diamonds shone, fans waved, bald pates shone like marble.
  • At least he shone through the gloom for a fleeting moment.
  • But some others managed to make hay while the sun shone.
  • The lights still shone and no terrorists intruded on the gaiety.
  • The sweetfeed shone like amber in the dark rubber grain pans.
  • Semiconductor stocks shone as investors seemed to consider them beaten down.
  • A silver badge shone above a pocket of his khaki shirt.
  • But otherwise, the sun shone and the mood was jovial.
  • "To, ` Glory shone around . "'
  • In the second half, Bjarne Goldbaek shone for the Danes.
  • The United States has never really shone at the world championships.
  • His preparation shone through during his interview with Donahoe last Friday.
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