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English-Hindi > shoofly

shoofly meaning in Hindi

noun plural: shooflies   
shoofly sentence in Hindi
1.Many times the streetcars were rerouted, sometimes with a shoofly.

2.Shoofly pie also comes in two different versions  wet bottom and dry bottom.

3.The shoofly pattern refers to the conductors who guide slaves north on the Underground Railroad.

4.Their traditional ingenuity, Ranck hopes, will keep the shoofly pie coming for farmhouse visitors.

5.Shoofly pie is an acquired taste.

6.Pameolik was adopted by Shoofly and the shaman Angutimarik after the death of his birth mother.

7.And for the readers who have asked, both shoofly pie and apple pandowdy are real foods.

8.Shoofly pie is popular in the Shenandoah Valley and was brought to that area from the Pennsylvania Dutch.

9.Shoofly's only child, Oudlanak ( " John Ell " ), was the Aivilik group leader.

10.Some farms sell quilts, woodwork or homemade food such as shoofly pie ( a molasses cakelike pie with crumb topping ).

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a child''s rocking chair with the seat built between two flat sides that are shaped to resemble an animal (such as a swan or duck)

an undercover police officer who investigates other policemen

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