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shoofly sentence in Hindi

"shoofly" meaning in Hindi
  • Many times the streetcars were rerouted, sometimes with a shoofly.
  • Shoofly pie also comes in two different versions  wet bottom and dry bottom.
  • The shoofly pattern refers to the conductors who guide slaves north on the Underground Railroad.
  • Their traditional ingenuity, Ranck hopes, will keep the shoofly pie coming for farmhouse visitors.
  • Shoofly pie is an acquired taste.
  • Pameolik was adopted by Shoofly and the shaman Angutimarik after the death of his birth mother.
  • And for the readers who have asked, both shoofly pie and apple pandowdy are real foods.
  • Shoofly pie is popular in the Shenandoah Valley and was brought to that area from the Pennsylvania Dutch.
  • Shoofly's only child, Oudlanak ( " John Ell " ), was the Aivilik group leader.
  • Some farms sell quilts, woodwork or homemade food such as shoofly pie ( a molasses cakelike pie with crumb topping ).
  • "Shouldn't this read fewer limits ? " writes Andrew Goldberg, a shoofly copywriter in New York.
  • Marty DeHaven wondered whether vinegar pie is anything like shoofly pie, and if either of them is the forerunner of pecan pie.
  • In particular, the pie is a favorite in the Pennsylvania Dutch areas, much as is shoofly pie, a similar dessert.
  • The first novel in the series is "'Shoofly Pie "'which was released on July 1, 2003.
  • Comer developed a bond with an Aivilik woman named Niviatsianaq ( or Nivisanaaq ), referred to amongst Inuit as " Shoofly Comer ".
  • Q : There is a wonderful Lexus commercial in which the people lip-sync a great version of " ShooFly Pie ."
  • The shoofly pie's origins may come from the treacle tart with the primary difference being the use of molasses rather than golden syrup.
  • A Montgomery pie is similar to a shoofly pie, except lemon juice is usually added to the bottom layer and buttermilk to the topping.
  • And although they live in a region synonymous with Amish buggies and shoofly pie, Lancaster's Hispanics can still connect with their native culture.
  • That reader probably saw that bizarre Lexus ad ( apparently filmed in Italy ) that features the song " Shoofly Pie and Apple Pandowdy ."
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