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English-Hindi > shrivel up

shrivel up meaning in Hindi

shrivel up sentence in Hindi
संकुचित करना
shrivel    मुरझाना सूखना
up    ऊपर की ओर उठा हूआ
1.Instead of opening up they make you shrivel up like a flower.

2."I don't want to see people shrivel up.

3.When the third woman enters the scene, she almost shrivels up.

4."I'm not going to shrivel up,"

5.Crops, we were informed, would shrivel up and blow away.

6.Playing only sporadically as a freshman, Beard saw his game shrivel up.

7.The evergreen rosettes don't shrivel up in winter's cold.

8.They'll shrivel up like Dracula !"

9.I was afraid I was gonna lose my physique and just shrivel up.

10.But in the last few decades, federal government jobs began to shrivel up.

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