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English-Hindi > shrivels

shrivels meaning in Hindi

shrivels sentence in Hindi
1.Academic departments shrivel by attrition and sometimes by more drastic means.

2.Leaves shrivel or flowers flop before a crucial detail is captured.

3.Rather than convert factories, the Poles allowed them to shrivel.

4.Q . Please tell me why my string beans sometimes shrivel?

5.Manufacturers and farmers have seen many of their export markets shrivel.

6.Coleus, of course, will shrivel at the first frost.

7.A blue berry that will not shrivel is a vibernum berry.

8.It shrivels pitifully in the skillet and tastes mostly of chemicals.

9.It scorches his brain and shrivels him down to his heart.

10.Infected seeds tend to shrivel and dry up rather than rot.

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