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slashing sentence in Hindi

"slashing" meaning in Hindi
  • Seconds before, Foote got away with a slashing of Nedved.
  • His slashing drives and physical defense made him an instant favorite.
  • Others lifted earnings by slashing costs and pushing out local competitors.
  • Lotus has responded by slashing the price of its software package.
  • It cites four slashing wounds across the baby's neck.
  • Then there's the slashing " Salvation ."
  • But slashing welfare does not create stable jobs or raise wages.
  • Apple South responded by slashing costs, which hurt customer service.
  • The key is reducing the budget deficit without slashing public investment,
  • In a slashing, hammering performance, Bronfman takes no prisoners.
  • I feel I'm a slashing, elusive type runner.
  • Bullock responded to budget shortfalls by slashing his own office size.
  • His neighbors are frantically slashing production in defense of crude values.
  • Starting this week they'll be slashing them even more.
  • When it was you slashing, cutting, jumping and playing.
  • Among his first moves was slashing 800 jobs at the Times.
  • Jets receiver Keyshawn Johnson said of the throat-slashing motion.
  • Any perception of salary slashing makes season tickets a harder sell.
  • This season the league banned the controversial throat-slashing gesture.
  • It's not just his slashing, scoring and passing.
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