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English-Hindi > spininess

spininess meaning in Hindi

spininess sentence in Hindi
1.A K-hedgehog space is sometimes called a "'hedgehog space of spininess K " '.

2.Another one from that list, " Styloniscus spinosus ", has a name suggesting spininess, but the entry lacks any description whatsoever.

3.The development of myrmecophytism ( " ant symbiosis " ) and spininess in African and New World acacia species was an adaptation to the presence of large faunas of effective browsing mammals.

4."Kali tragus " has acquired a bad reputation for its spininess, its woodiness when mature, and its general ecological competitiveness, augmented by its tumbleweed nature, which enables it to spread rapidly over open ground.

5.Among other currants and gooseberries with overlapping ranges, such as mountain gooseberry ( " Ribes montigenum " ) or wax currant ( " Ribes cereum " ), the sierra gooseberry is especially notable for the large size and extreme spininess of its berries, and for the absence of a noticeable dried flower remnant at the end of the fruit.

the quality of being covered with prickly thorns or spines
Synonyms: prickliness, bristliness, thorniness,

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