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English-Hindi > squalled

squalled meaning in Hindi

squalled sentence in Hindi
1.The line squalled that evening, although one more tornado was reported early on December 30 in Louisiana.

2.Just before sunset a great blue heron flew up the pond then squalled in horror and flared when it got directly overhead and spotted us.

3.Holding his mother's hand, Timothy LeBlanc squirmed and squalled as a nurse tethered his tiny foot with an intravenous line carrying a lifesaving drug called Respigam.

4.She squalled like a baby when it looked like Shadow, the old golden retriever, didn't make it in " Homeward Bound : The Incredible Journey ."

5.Many of them, he said, " dodged the draft as long as they could and then kicked and squalled all the way to the embarkation point ."

6.The train was scheduled to leave the N . C . State Fairgrounds at 4 : 50, but by 4 : 15, the announcement squalled over the noise of the fair : " Amtrak train no . 79 is delayed.

7.BBC Music writer Brad Barrett praised the album, summarising it as " an album strewn with the debris of a war march, albeit one laced with smirks and triumphant songs " and noted how it " starts to feel textural as opposed to bludgeoning . " Simon Jay Catling of Drowned in Sound rated the album nine out of ten and described its music as " maelstrom of dexterity [ that ] gives way to great waves of squalled sound ."

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