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English-Hindi > squalling

squalling meaning in Hindi

squalling sentence in Hindi
1.She said the office was jammed with pregnant women and squalling infants.

2.No squalling winds, screaming tornadoes, pelting rain or stinging hail.

3.The moms pacing the floor at night with squalling infants.

4.It was as if the music had awakened from dreams into squalling reality.

5.Evict her, and her squalling children, too!

6.He has often been heavy-handed, mixing sloganeering with dissonant squalling.

7.Families crowded into cold, smelly metal housing, noisy with squalling babies.

8.Bendigo was born, squalling with gold lust.

9.Then it ends wordlessly with a squalling, Neil Young-like guitar workout.

10.And who needed music beyond the sweet symphony of squalling, giggling, gurgling bambinos?

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