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steading sentence in Hindi

"steading" meaning in Hindisteading in a sentence
  • Brotchie's steading facing NE showing the depth of stratigraphy
  • Allanbank Courtyard is a U-planned steading begun c . 1780.
  • The steading is now exclusively residential, and conversion works are ongoing.
  • It is now part of a small development called Scotby Green Steading.
  • The farm steading is mainly original; a cottage is also present.
  • The Coyotes saw Corkum as a veteran role player who would be a steading influence.
  • The most recent building is the agricultural Eastwood Manor Farm Steading, completed in 1860.
  • Steadings are not necessarily passed on to the apprentice of the witch who previously watched over the steading.
  • The neighbouring farm includes Eastwood Manor Farm Steading which is a Grade I listed building built in 1860.
  • The museum is housed in a terraced row of six cottages built in 1793 and one farm steading.
  • On a highland farm, the collection of barns, stables, and outbuildings is known as a Steading.
  • A new steading was built at the site, possibly the'Newhouse'marked on the OS maps.
  • Their nephew, William Mouat, added the porch and constructed the steading and Gothic cottage in the grounds.
  • Dirnanean's steading house, lime kiln and shepherd's house are all Category B listed buildings.
  • The apse of the St Nicholas farmhouse ( The Steading ) between Albany Park and the East Sands leisure centre.
  • The first decade of the 21st century saw Liff reverse the population decline with new housing and farm steading redevelopment.
  • He died in July 1977, having swerved off a straight road and crashed into a farm steading when driving.
  • The steading was used as a Council yard up until around 1992 and had fallen into a state of disrepair.
  • A steading and cottages were once associated with the house, although these were demolished when the housing estate was built.
  • When Tiffany is in her late teens, Granny Weatherwax dies, leaving a note recommending that Tiffany take over her steading.
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