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English-Hindi > stormily

stormily meaning in Hindi

stormily sentence in Hindi
1.This somber and weighted music could conceivably prompt stormily dramatic choreography.

2.It should come as no surprise that China would react so stormily to any suggestion of Taiwanese independence : once again Chinese territory seemed threatened.

3.They met in 1842, when Duval left Haiti for France, and the two remained together, albeit stormily, for the next two decades.

4.Yet, fortunately, there were many striking moments, as when the women rolled stormily across the floor while Yarden produced a cyclone of musical sounds.

5.Aquilon, the northern wind, rushes stormily over the locale; his cold breath of wind awakens Flora and forces her to seek refuge in the foliage.

6.The way he figures it, Daniel will lead the way in stormily resolving his grief, and David will follow suit when he sees his older brother emerging.

7.But it was something else to come unglued in exquisite evening clothes while stormily playing the piano, with a chic little gold box filled with something illegal in your pocket.

8.During a Japanese tour of the Met's production of " Carmen, " she stormily refused to wear a blond wig and was promptly replaced by her understudy.

9.The finale, he wrote, should close gradually with a diminuendo " like a breath . . . then there is a crescendo, and the last measures are taken up by the orchestra, ending stormily.

10.He wrote : " The music maintains the stormily romantic quality of the lyric by combining meditative verses with an aching chorus that swells and ebbs in a way that perfectly captures the song's heartbreak ."

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