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English-Hindi > stormy petrel

stormy petrel meaning in Hindi

stormy petrel sentence in Hindi
stormy    क्रोधी तीव्र
1.OGLETHORPE : The Stormy Petrels seldom have had it this good.

2.A . L . ROWSE, who died lately, was the stormy petrel of Shakespearean scholarship.

3.At Simla her by-name was the'Stormy Petrel '.

4.The motif of the stormy petrel has a long association with Anarchist Federation of Britain and Ireland.

5.In 1932, when Gene Fowler met him, Brown already had a reputation as a " stormy petrel Peckinpau ."

6.Her first novel, " The Black Riders ", introduces the hero Dick Fauconbois, known as the " Stormy Petrel ".

7.Writing in 1936, Emma Goldman referred to Buenaventura Durruti as " this stormy petrel of the anarchist and revolutionary movement ".

8.Writing in 1936, Emma Goldman referred to Durruti as  & this stormy petrel of the anarchist and revolutionary movement & 

9.Pooser was a critic of economic policy, with a newspaper describing him as a " stormy petrel of the economy bloc ".

10.That year, The New York Times military affairs expert, Hanson W . Baldwin, wrote that Crommelin was a " stormy petrel who wouldn't shut up ."

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sooty black petrel with white markings; of the northern Atlantic and Mediterranean
Synonyms: northern storm petrel, Hydrobates pelagicus,

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