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straitjacketed sentence in Hindi

"straitjacketed" meaning in Hindistraitjacketed in a sentence
  • If we already impose certain conditionalities, we would be straitjacketed.
  • While Man wallows in emotion, Zenites are straitjacketed by logic.
  • The next morning, he was straitjacketed and hospitalized for 10 days.
  • All of Sargent's murals have a straitjacketed feel.
  • Williams interviews a straitjacketed Voorman in a locked room in the prison.
  • His is a mind that should not be straitjacketed.
  • We have been straitjacketed in any normal communication process.
  • After a hospital riot, Barrett is straitjacketed and subjected to shock treatment.
  • Axelrod and Wilder complained that the film was being made under straitjacketed conditions.
  • :I agree with you that language should be direct and not straitjacketed.
  • Maltby's critique really issues from a particularly straitjacketed form of social constructionism ."
  • Joe Lunn is a pure creation, not straitjacketed by his author's personal agenda.
  • They lumped six widely differing greenhouse gases in a single straitjacketed " basket ."
  • Motherless, orphaned and born on the outside into a completely class-straitjacketed society ."
  • In general the setting sounds straitjacketed, because it is a historical monument to a past style.
  • Although no crime statistics are available, police officers say they're being straitjacketed while lawlessness is exploding.
  • Wilder has never received his due from certain critical quarters because he never allowed himself to be straitjacketed by genre.
  • "Hook " and " Jack, " the raw talent was somehow sedated, straitjacketed.
  • The next night, the ghouls leave the belfry and float into town accompanied by their straitjacketed, deformed minions.
  • But the high drama of the book is watching a nation, straitjacketed by an isolationist Congress, enter the war.
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