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English-Hindi > straitjacketed

straitjacketed meaning in Hindi

straitjacketed sentence in Hindi
1.If we already impose certain conditionalities, we would be straitjacketed.

2.While Man wallows in emotion, Zenites are straitjacketed by logic.

3.The next morning, he was straitjacketed and hospitalized for 10 days.

4.All of Sargent's murals have a straitjacketed feel.

5.Williams interviews a straitjacketed Voorman in a locked room in the prison.

6.His is a mind that should not be straitjacketed.

7.We have been straitjacketed in any normal communication process.

8.After a hospital riot, Barrett is straitjacketed and subjected to shock treatment.

9.Axelrod and Wilder complained that the film was being made under straitjacketed conditions.

10.:I agree with you that language should be direct and not straitjacketed.

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