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succinct sentence in Hindi

"succinct" meaning in Hindisuccinct in a sentence
  • Samantha's legs were crossed, her speech was succinct.
  • "I'm quite succinct, actually,"
  • Knight, the seasoned senior, was a little more succinct.
  • Roger Milks, his chief operating officer, is more succinct.
  • The screenwriter Ring Lardner Jr . offered his own succinct opinion.
  • Lawrence, the air brake company manager, was more succinct.
  • The witness's description of events was succinct,"
  • There are other times, though, when he is succinct.
  • Gore declares now in his most succinct argument for his candidacy.
  • Minority owner Virginia Fite of Piqua, Ohio, was succinct.
  • His reply is firm, succinct, and not without sorrow.
  • Law enforcement agencies are given succinct guidelines for compiling the numbers.
  • Kean was as chilling as he was succinct on this point.
  • The ride is smooth, surging, succinct in sudden movements.
  • One early Kansas history contained this succinct characterization of the jayhawkers:
  • This is a succinct and clear statement on the COI issues.
  • The lead, like the article, is short but succinct.
  • The Wikipedia entry is " relatively succinct and tightly written ".
  • Or do you want something more specific and / or succinct?
  • The prose is well written, succinct and to the point.
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