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succinctness sentence in Hindi

"succinctness" meaning in Hindisuccinctness in a sentence
  • Note the succinctness of the shorthand compared to the normal text.
  • The confusion far outweighs any beauty and succinctness of the name.
  • Her focus upon succinctness and discipline is epitomized in her focus on haikus.
  • Spano suggests succinctness : " Two words are better than 20 ."
  • This couplet's beauty is in its succinctness and multiple layers of meaning.
  • Through the internet, electronic mail and faxes, we strive for succinctness and directness.
  • In that vein, give the best presenter award to Nicolas Cage for admirable succinctness.
  • Brevity in succinctness is not achieved by shortening original material by redundant material from it.
  • As you get closer to the finished product, pls revisit WP : CAPTION, particularly succinctness.
  • But the value of succinctness and clarity without baggage is huge, in the List and category titles.
  • One of eight famous literati of Tang �Song period, Wang Anshi was known for writing with succinctness and profundity.
  • He completed and perfected his partners'songs with the twangy succinctness he learned from rockabilly guitarists, particularly Carl Perkins.
  • We should always be aiming for succinctness and clarity . talk ) 13 : 24, 27 June 2012 ( UTC)
  • *FWIW, if uninvolved editors are allowed to weigh in, I personally generally value succinctness in List article titles.
  • What Lothar de Maiziere, the last leader of East Germany before unification, first noticed in Angela Merkel was her succinctness.
  • "The Met is in some sense the museum, " he says with typical down-to-earth succinctness.
  • Peszke's writings are characterized by an admirable clarity and succinctness that may perhaps owe something to his training in medical diagnostics.
  • :: See also Wikipedia : Manual of Style ( biographies ) and Wikipedia : Manual of Style ( captions ) # Succinctness.
  • However, it was also complimented for its succinctness and relative shortness, considering that most autobiographies of the time were much longer.
  • "He hit it good, " observed Angels skipper Terry Collins, in a classic display of baseball-lifer succinctness.
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