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English-Hindi > syndications

syndications meaning in Hindi

syndications sentence in Hindi
• संघ द्वारा प्रकाशन
• सिंडीकेट के समान प्रबंधन
• समूहन
1.He added that syndication in the United States was being discussed.

2.National syndication-- and plenty of controversy-- followed.

3.The show's production budget was pared down for syndication.

4.But another is the decades-old marketing device of syndication.

5.Trust, deposit, investment banking and loan syndication fees fell.

6.By 1969, Avco Broadcasting Corporation placed the show in syndication.

7.The result is regarded as the first major television syndication operation.

8.He blamed the disappointing syndication sale of his sitcom Evening Shade.

9.The real treasure, of course, lies in eternal syndication.

10.King World will then distribute it for first-run syndication.

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