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English-Hindi > syndicator

syndicator meaning in Hindi

syndicator sentence in Hindi
• सिंडिकेटर
1.Several other small cartoon syndicators have cropped up in recent years.

2.It also owns an international news syndicator, Worldwide Television News.

3.Each broadcast network, cable service or syndicator would police itself.

4.Syndicators decide where the commercial breaks will be for their shows.

5.The syndicators appear to be doing better than their cable counterparts.

6.The syndicators now offer almost nothing but talk shows for daytime programming.

7.He sought out Vila for advice at a syndicators'trade show.

8.That creates a great opportunity for leverage with syndicators and other programmers,

9.Syndicators like this use small investors'money to fund their purchases.

10.Syndicators make a living selling national ads on their shows.

a businessman who forms a syndicate

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