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English-Hindi > tabanidae

tabanidae meaning in Hindi

tabanidae sentence in Hindi
1.The main pollinators are flies in the families Tabanidae and Nemestrinidae.

2.He also studied insect galls and worked on the Tabanidae.

3.Since tabanidae are most abundant during rainy and post rainy seasons, that is when most outbreaks of Surra occur.

4.It's common to see Athericids stroking / palpating the surface of leaves, something they share with Tabanidae.

5.Members of the family Pelecorhynchidae were initially included in the Tabanidae and moved into the Rhagionidae before being elevated into a separate family.

6.The life cycle may be complex with various intermediate hosts and vectors including " Stomoxys " and " Tabanidae ".

7.Since he first fell in love with the tropics in Panama, he wrote his thesis, naturally, on the Tabanidae of Panama.

8.Encouraged by his faculty advisor, Professor Joseph Bequaert, Fairchild chose the Tabanidae, a family of insects known as " horse flies ".

9.In retirement and without pay, he organized the collections of Neotropical Tabanidae at the University of Florida and later at the Florida State Collection of Arthropods.

10.On the other hand, some modes of life demand enhanced visual acuity, which in compound eyes demands a larger number of Anisoptera and various flies, such as some Acroceridae and Tabanidae.

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