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English-Hindi > tabanus

tabanus meaning in Hindi

tabanus sentence in Hindi
1.The most common gadfly in America is probably the horsefly, Tabanus americanus.

2.The thick skin does not protect against bloodsucking " Tabanus " flies, leeches and ticks.

3.Some species, such as " Tabanus bovinus ", prefer bovine animals and are less harmful to humans.

4.Over the last few days working I have been bitten repeatedly by what I now know is a horsefly-' Tabanus '.

5.Transferred by species of " Tabanus " flies, " Trypanosoma evansi " development does not take place in the actual vector.

6.Two well-known genera are the common horse-flies, " Tabanus ", named by Swedish entomologist Johann Wilhelm Meigen in 1802.

7.Although the most common method of transferring trypanosomes to other species is through tabanus flies, there are other insects that can also transmit this disease to livestock.

8.This species shows slightly more of a preference for coastal marsh than some of the other European " Tabanus ", sometime even found in saltmashes.

9.Horse-flies ( genus " Tabanus " ) are larger, up to in length and are mostly dark brown or black, with dark eyes, often with a metallic sheen.

10.Mynahs and egrets both eat invertebrates from the rhino's skin and around its feet . " Tabanus " flies, a type of horse-fly, are known to bite rhinos.

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