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English-Hindi > tablemount

tablemount meaning in Hindi

tablemount sentence in Hindi
1.One guyot in particular, the Great Meteor Tablemount in the Northeast Atlantic Ocean, stands at more than.

2.Sedlo seamount has a tablemount structure, indicating that the peak of the seamount had once been above the water, but has since been ground down by persistent erosion to its current height.

3."' Belgica Guyot "'( ) is an undersea tablemount named for the Belgian research ship " Belgica ", used in the first Belgian Antarctic Expedition ( 1896 1899 ).

4.The largest singular feature in the area of the Spratly Islands is a 100 km wide seamount called Reed Tablemount, also known as Reed Bank, in the northeast of the group, separated from Palawan Island of the Philippines by the Palawan Trench.

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