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English-Hindi > tableland

tableland meaning in Hindi

pronunciation: [ 'teibllænd ]  sound:  
tableland sentence in Hindi
1.Dairying, grazing and poultry are also present on the Tableland.

2.It is in the heart of the Barkly Tablelands cattle country.

3.He climbs the inlet wall and sets out across the tableland.

4.It is endemic to the Atherton Tablelands where it is widespread.

5.The second, " kMgen ", means tableland or plateau.

6.It is also found in an isolated population on Carbine Tableland.

7.Parade Atherton Tableland, Queensland . 1944-09-11.

8.The headwaters of the river system rise in the Atherton Tablelands.

9.The abandoned Queen Victoria Hospital is also located on Kings Tableland.

10.His family comes from the Northern Territory's Barkly Tablelands.

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a relatively flat highland
Synonyms: plateau,

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