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English-Hindi > throbbing

throbbing meaning in Hindi

pronunciation: [ 'θrɔbiŋ ]  sound:  
throbbing sentence in Hindi
1.The throbbing speakers didn't win friends in high places.

2.Down the beach, music is throbbing from a boom box.

3.The throbbing pain usually begins on one side of the head.

4.Larry Johnson said after playing 34 minutes on a throbbing toe.

5.And all the while there are these clockwork tickings and throbbings.

6.This West African capital has been throbbing for years with nightclubs.

7.His thoughts were complicated by the throbbing in his right knee.

8.Once the throbbing started, it was impossible to continue running.

9.No closeups of throbbing, bloody things on the operating table.

10.Lapham's heart is out there throbbing on his sleeve.

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a sound with a strong rhythmic beat; "the throbbing of the engines"

an instance of rapid strong pulsation (of the heart); "he felt a throbbing in his head"
Synonyms: throb, pounding,

pounding or beating strongly or violently; "a throbbing pain"; "the throbbing engine of the boat"

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