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tiddly sentence in Hindi

"tiddly" meaning in Hinditiddly in a sentence
  • I don't care if we're playing tiddly winks.
  • It could be for tiddly-winks, and you would have a fierce battle,
  • Well, the Lady Aggies and Lady Longhorns aren't playing for tiddly-winks.
  • If the Rangers played tiddly-winks in Seattle right now, they'd choke on that, too.
  • It was set on the Dorset coast in " Tiddly Cove ", actually the coast between Bournemouth and Swanage.
  • For example, if Tiddly Tom was to place this template he would place onto the new members'talk page.
  • "We don't worry about people getting hurt, because this isn't tiddly-winks,"
  • The area is served by one Public House officially known as The Royal Oak, the establishment is known locally as The Tiddly
  • Miller, sitting alone in a bar, was approached by a well-tailored, slightly tiddly fellow who addressed him thus:
  • But back away fast once you've rolled the ball, because the trap could tiddly-wink it back at you.
  • I think I'll start an article on Tiddly winks, and then fight to the death anyone who tries to delete it.
  • A "'tiddly "'is an embellishment in one or two voices over one chord, resembling neighbor tones or suspensions.
  • The porch has entertained tiddly-winks ( exacum ), Egyptian stars ( pentas ), flowering maples ( abutilon ) and red-hot cattails ( acalypha ).
  • As any Cornishman could tell you, a " tiddly oggie " is a meat-and-vegetable-filled delicacy also known as the Cornish pasty.
  • :: Your article was deleted because the Admin felt the article did not assert enough "'Tiddly-Tom "'20 : 12, 1 September 2007 ( UTC)
  • PASSION FOR POGS : Sort of like Tiddly Winks, pogs are the newest kid craze and the source of the free Milkcap Tournament Saturday at the Oaks mall, 222 W . Hillcrest Drive, Thousand Oaks.
  • To the extent that they have kept their nuclear scientists together and working on these efforts, one has to assume they have not been playing tiddly-winks, that they have been focusing on nuclear weapons,
  • Also, the time in the debate decisively involved Joachim Hirsch conceded later, " that the state derivation debate was conducted on a highly abstract level and sometimes the direction became a form of theoretical tiddly winks ".
  • And then the reader went on to sing " The more it snows, " complete with " tiddly-poms " and a light but definite rhythm, skipping along with the two stuffed animals.
  • Some words in the list have not stood the test of time _ " tiddly-om-pom-pom " in 1909, " lumpenproletariat " in 1924, " beatnik " in 1958 and " beatbox " in 1982.
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