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transexual sentence in Hindi

"transexual" meaning in Hinditransexual in a sentence
  • It is prescription medication meant either for hypogonadism or for FtM transexuals.
  • However, you're confusing transgender with transexual.
  • TRANSEXUAL-MINISTER _ The Rev . Erin Swenson's heart thumped wildly.
  • :: : Are we talking about speaking in the transexual's presence?
  • Some said the officials also wanted to make sure that he was not a transexual.
  • Max goes back to Ludlow's home wearing the stilettos of a transexual woman.
  • Johnny was the friend of the transexual Gowri Kumar ( Livingston ) who was Ethiraj's son.
  • Since last year, Ms . Wilchins and Transexual Menace have taken to organizing vigils after the slayings of transsexuals.
  • Transexuals and transvestites, probably out of desperation, seek to offer their services to the firemen manning the emergency line.
  • If the transexual wishes to be referred to as'he'or'she'we should follow their wishes.
  • Critics have said radical feminists were using gender to mean five sexes : male, female, heterosexual, bisexual and transexual.
  • Homosexuals and transexuals deserve the same treatment as heterosexuals and have the right to live freely the live that they have chosen,
  • But the speaker's feelings have to be taken into consideration too, especially when the transexual is not in earshot.
  • Two transexuals failed to convince the European Court of Human Rights that Britain is obliged to alter their gender on their birth certificates.
  • Does transexuals getting female hormones make a difference in this respect ? talk ) 19 : 38, 13 October 2009 ( UTC)
  • After Liberace dated the transexual Christine Jorgensen, she reported, " He's nice _ but a little strange ."
  • Her work includes portraits of Elizabeth Hurley, Mickey Rourke, Johnny Depp and Liv Tyler as well as transexuals and strip tease artists.
  • For the Givenchy Fall-Winter 2010 collection, he included a new model, Lea T, who is a transexual from Brazil.
  • For instance, there are people out there who strongly believe we should legally limit the personal freedoms of transexuals to choose their own name.
  • I would think if Lockwood is now shooting transexual porn it is an important issue and should be noted in his partial filmography at least once.
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