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English-Hindi > treadmills

treadmills meaning in Hindi

treadmills sentence in Hindi
• ट्रेडमिल
• पदपेषणी
• पांव-चक्की
• पाँव चक्की
• नीरस दिनचर्या
• चक्की
1.One of his favorite devices is an industrial-strength treadmill.

2.They take on the bicycle, treadmill and other cardiovascular machines.

3.He spent hours using stationary bikes, treadmills and stair machines.

4.They're on a treadmill when it comes to offense.

5.Expectantly, I pushed the calories consumed button on the treadmill.

6.He worked out 90 minutes with weights and on the treadmill.

7.Besides his treadmill, his Ab Roller is his favorite toy.

8.It came when Olajuwon was ready to jump on the treadmill.

9.Emme swims and runs on a treadmill three times a week.

10.Sort of what people did with treadmills in the'80s.

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