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English-Hindi > treasonable

treasonable meaning in Hindi

treasonable sentence in Hindi
1.” Thirdly : For that , he being a subject of the British Government of India , and not regarding the duty of his allegiance , did , at Delhi , on the llth of May , 1857 , or thereabouts , as a traitor against the State , proclaim and declare himself the reigning King and sovereign of India and did then and there traitorously seize and take unlawful possession of the city of Delhi and did , moreover , at various times , between the 10th of May and 1st of October , 1857 , as such false traitor aforesaid , treasonably conspire , consult and agree with Mirza Mughal , his own son , and with Muhammad Bakht Khan -LRB- Jawan Bakht -RRB- Subedar of the Regiment of Artillery , and diverse and other false traitors unknown , to raise levy and make insurrection , rebellion and war against the State and further to fulfil and protect his treasonable design of over- throwing and destroying the British Govern- ment in India , did assemble armed forces at Delhi and send them forth to fight and wage war against the said government .
” तीसराः इसलिए कि उन्होंने भारत में ब्रिटिश सरकार के अधीन होते हुए , राजभि> के अपने कर्तव्य का पालन करने की बजाय , दिल्ली में 11 मऋ 1857 को या उसके आसपास राज्य के प्रति विश्वासघात किया , स्वयं को भारत का सम्राट घोषित किया और आगे चलकर देशद्रोहात्मक ढंग से दिल्ली शहर पर गैरकानूनी कब्जा कर लिया.इतना ही नहीं , 10 मऋ से 1 अ>ऊबर , 1857 के दऋरान कऋ बार , उ> देशद्रोही ने अपने पुत्र मिर्जा मुगल , तोपखाना रेऋमेंट के सूबेदार मुहम्मद बख्त खान ह्यजवां बख्तहृ और कऋ अ&आत देशद्रोहियों के साथ मिलकर , सलाह कर , फऋज जमा करने , राज्य के खिलाफ बगावत करने और लडऋआऋ करने का षड्यंत्र बनाया .

having the character of, or characteristic of, a traitor; "the faithless Benedict Arnold"; "a lying traitorous insurrectionist"
Synonyms: faithless, traitorous, unfaithful, treasonous,

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