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English-Hindi > twitted

twitted meaning in Hindi

twitted sentence in Hindi
1.Similarly twitted are the satellites of the book business.

2.New Yorkers know when they are being twitted.

3.Daschle also twitted the Gridiron members : " I was told you guys could sing.

4.Prime Minister Tony Blair twitted Duncan Smith in the House of Commons Monday about Thatcher's outburst.

5.They have been even more impressive since he walked in the door and was twitted by Jeter and Knoblauch.

6.Hugo Sukman, another film critic, twitted as " laughable " the accents of the largely American actors.

7.At a dinner party in the 1970s, according to Johnson, Barbara Walters twitted him for not bringing his companion along.

8.For decades, the 30th president has been twitted as an orator of exceedingly few words and maligned as a man who believed in business above all.

9.In an airport hangar at Albany, where a lot of Republican patronage workers flocked to a rally, state GOP chairman Powers twitted Dole's challengers.

10.The winners and the losers were twitted by comedians such as Will Rogers and Bob Hope, and the guests went home feeling pride in the movie business.

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