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English-Hindi > twitting

twitting meaning in Hindi

twitting sentence in Hindi
1.Brudnoy enjoys twitting sports fans with the hard C version of Celtics.

2.Jordan started it by twitting Payton and his follow-up shooting barrage.

3.She was twitting some of the British reporters, and they all said it was the other guy.

4.Leno's objective note-taking on overheard criticisms and later twitting of the baffled participants with their precise words is delicious.

5.But they noted that Yeltsin, moments after twitting Clinton in Hungary, agreed to the implementation of the START I nuclear treaty.

6.Campbell had a good time twitting Milbury about just trying to stir up the old rivalry and sell some tickets out on the Island.

7.Joel Ascher, the coach at August Martin, has been chanting, twitting MSG officials for previously carrying only the boys'Class A game.

8.Even while he quotes Bob and Ray twitting " One Man's Family " as " One Feller's Family,"

9.In return, Cramer has enjoyed twitting Wolfe by rising from the red leather chair without using his arms for leverage  something that Wolfe cannot do.

10.Rangers Coach Colin Campbell has had a good time twitting Milbury, but Campbell also seemed a bit obsessed with Milbury's new powers as general manager.

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