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English-Hindi > two address

two address meaning in Hindi

two address sentence in Hindi

दो पता
two    दो
address    संबोधन बोलने का
1.His two addresses to the Electors of Hawke s Bay still survive.

2.Both nationwide networks, CBC and CTV, will broadcast the two addresses.

3.The other two address peace as a necessary strategy for Arabs and Israel.

4.Another four read ports supply operands to the two address generators.

5.In the 1830s he is recorded as having two addresses, both very prestigious.

6.She provides Vusi with two addresses and sends him out to find Steven.

7.In his " Two Addresses to the Freeholders of Westmorland"

8.The other two addresses for Alomari were in Saudi Arabia and Vero Beach, Fla.

9.The detectives access it to find two addresses visited by Gil the previous night.

10.Each core has two address generation units, four integer units, and four floating point units.

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