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English-Hindi > u-boat

u-boat meaning in Hindi

u-boat sentence in Hindi
1.The coast line was crowded with u-boat nests .

2.On the second night we approached the u-boat stream .

3.The next day the u-boat was towed by a trawler to iceland .

4.The small ship came around the headland and steamed toward the u-boat .

5.The lethal power of the air in u-boat warfare was yet to come .

6.The u-boat packs were kept underwater and harried continually .

7.Hitler complained that this single invention was the ruin of the u-boat campaign .

8.One night his ship, the stork, pursued and rammed a u-boat in the darkness .

9.The problem of how to contact the u-boat on monday had been nagging at the back of his mind .

10.The work of mercy was interrupted by the appearance of u-boat and the british ships were compelled to withdraw .

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