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English-Hindi > ubiquitousness

ubiquitousness meaning in Hindi

ubiquitousness sentence in Hindi
1.Even the ubiquitousness of warfare in human history doesn't impress researchers.

2.Her creation points to the ubiquitousness of the mammy in American popular culture.

3.The cover of Rolling Stone for June 1 makes the ubiquitousness of Melissa Etheridge official.

4.Their ubiquitousness has engendered a shared rancor.

5.The phones'ubiquitousness has made their use harder for parents to monitor, he said.

6.Despite the ubiquitousness of soy products on the shelves, most of it is used in small quantities.

7.Its ubiquitousness during socialism led many to shun it now that a greater variety of choices are available.

8.Because of the ubiquitousness of license plates, special plates-or even regular ones-can raise controversy.

9.Within a short time the belt's ubiquitousness and low price led to the wane of its popularity.

10.Nor does it force its funny supporting cast into the annoying ubiquitousness that would have given it a sitcom flavor.

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