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ubiquitousness sentence in Hindi

"ubiquitousness" meaning in Hindiubiquitousness in a sentence
  • Even the ubiquitousness of warfare in human history doesn't impress researchers.
  • Her creation points to the ubiquitousness of the mammy in American popular culture.
  • The cover of Rolling Stone for June 1 makes the ubiquitousness of Melissa Etheridge official.
  • Their ubiquitousness has engendered a shared rancor.
  • The phones'ubiquitousness has made their use harder for parents to monitor, he said.
  • Despite the ubiquitousness of soy products on the shelves, most of it is used in small quantities.
  • Its ubiquitousness during socialism led many to shun it now that a greater variety of choices are available.
  • Because of the ubiquitousness of license plates, special plates-or even regular ones-can raise controversy.
  • Within a short time the belt's ubiquitousness and low price led to the wane of its popularity.
  • Nor does it force its funny supporting cast into the annoying ubiquitousness that would have given it a sitcom flavor.
  • Or maybe it's his commercial ubiquitousness that allows his public to forgive his NFC Championship Game loss to the 49ers.
  • Note that this has nothing to do with the Communications Decency Act and other overreactions to the newness, strangeness and ubiquitousness of the Web.
  • Given the ubiquitousness of certain kinds of cloth, he has conceded, fibers yield evidence far less definitive than blood, and not nearly so stable.
  • The reasons have to do with the everyday ubiquitousness of military culture in Israel, which has fought half a dozen wars since its inception as a state.
  • As further indications of the case's ubiquitousness, the forbidden list also includes the news on MTV and ESPN's " Sports Center ."
  • Ubiquitousness and stability of atoms relies on their binding energy, which means that an atom has a lower energy than an unbound system of the nucleus and electrons.
  • And despite the ubiquitousness of credit cards, ATMs and electronic transfers, the sea of cash has been growing much faster than the nation's gross national product.
  • In a survey released earlier this year, some executives decried the ubiquitousness of tank tops, open-toed and athletic shoes, and sweat suits in the workplace.
  • The reasons have in part to do with the everyday ubiquitousness of military culture in Israel, which has fought half a dozen wars since its independence 51 years ago.
  • The "-ness " suffix is highly productive in colloquial English however, and in informal language I would have no real objection to " ubiquitousness ".
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