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English-Hindi > ufologist

ufologist meaning in Hindi

ufologist sentence in Hindi
1.Ufologist Atlanta Constitution " and investigated the incident.

2.It was formed in July 2004 by ufologist and MUFON member Joshua Poet.

3.Ufologist Allan Hendry did calculations and agrees with the assessment of it being Venus.

4.Stanton Friedman, a ufologist, claims to have looked into Lazar's background.

5.Longtime ufologist James W . Moseley illustrated the ambivalence many UFO researchers feel about Klass.

6.Ufologist Robert Sheaffer concluded that the object that Carter witnessed was a misidentification of Venus.

7.In 1970 the Trents asked Philip Bladine, the editor of the " ufologist.

8.Researchers involved in the field have included ufologist J . Allen Hynek and cryptozoologist Bernard Heuvelmans.

9.He and Arnholt were further interviewed in 1968 by the prominent ufologist Dr James E . McDonald.

10."I'm not personally a UFOlogist, " he said in a telephone interview.

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