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English-Hindi > ufology

ufology meaning in Hindi

ufology sentence in Hindi
1.Has anyone looked at the sprawling mass that is ufology lately?

2.The question is also germane to the ufology movement.

3.Skeptic Robert Sheaffer has accused ufology of having a " credulity explosion ".

4.He claims a trend of increasingly sensational ideas steadily gaining popularity within ufology.

5.Outside music, Misraki was interested in religion, Ufology and extraterrestrial life.

6.Davis has been very active in ufology since 1997.

7.Again, this is a notable subject within its field ( Ufology ).

8.UFOlogy just needs some millionaires to endow them.

9.This New Religious Movement was a mix of Buddhism, Taoism, and UFOlogy.

10.Stone also sees a chance to become the governing body of all Australian Ufology.

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