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English-Hindi > ugly duckling

ugly duckling meaning in Hindi

ugly duckling sentence in Hindi
छिपा रुस्तम
ugly    खतरनाक ख़तरनाक
duckling    बतख का बच्चा
1.This is ugly duckling high schooler who becomes a pretty pretty princess.

2.ROK Corporation had no claims when Wprost was a shabby ugly duckling.

3.From the ugly duckling of Brazilian finance to a Phoenix worth billions?

4.That was an ugly duckling run of the session, Warren Johnson said.

5.In the first part of the movie, Streisand plays the ugly duckling.

6.Ugly Duckling provides the intro music for Australian radio duo Hamish and Andy.

7.USC is the ugly duckling, the sad sacks, the black sheep.

8.We want more people to see our ugly ducklings, not less.

9.THE UGLY DUCKLING, by Iris Johansen . ( Bantam, $ 5.99)

10.From this one ugly duckling, we get all of these products:

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an ugly or unpromising child who grows into a beautiful or worthy person

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