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English-Hindi > uglify

uglify meaning in Hindi

verb past tense: uglified   verb past participle: uglified   verb present participle: uglifying   
uglify sentence in Hindi
1.Bots shouldn't be using their automated power to uglify wikipedia.

2.:: : A good first draft . I guess I should've been a bit more specific when I said " un-uglify ".

3.The theory is that a beautified street will be that much harder to re-open ( and re-uglify, if that's the word ).

4.Any hack included to prevent it from happening on your browser is likely to uglify the code .-- Wapcaplet 13 : 19 1 Jul 2003 ( UTC)

5.Not because it isn't good ( it is ), but because ( 1 ) it is non-free software, and ( 2 ) NR in C + + is an excellent example of Fortran in any language-I had to spend quite a while to de-uglify it.

6.:: Apart from being to close to the text, that note is extremely ugly on those Wikipedias using non-latin fonts-there it shows links like http : / / th . wikipedia . org / wiki / % E0 % B8 % 84 % E0 % . . . Even an occasional German umlaut is enough to uglify it, see e . g.

make ugly

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