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English-Hindi > ult

ult meaning in Hindi

ult sentence in Hindi
1.Sad to say, all that ult seeps through on air.

2.Icing within the ULT freezer should be reduced to a minimum.

3.Back in India, he started ULT lodges in Mumbai and Bengaluru.

4.On February 1909 he founded the ULT in Los Angeles.

5.In 1919 he visited the ULT in Los Angeles and was very impressed.

6.And on the other side is the ethnic Albanian village of Stanovc I Ult.

7.ULT Los Angeles publishes the Theosophy Magazine which was started by Robert Crosbie in 1912.

8.He became disappointed and left the TS Adyar to work for the ULT in Los Angeles.

9.Standard ULT freezers can store ca . 350 to 450 of those standard boxes for microtubes.

10.In 1916 two new lodges of the ULT were opened in San Francisco and Berkeley, California.

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in or of the month preceding the present one; "your letter received on the 29th ult"
Synonyms: ultimo,

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