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English-Hindi > unblended

unblended meaning in Hindi

unblended sentence in Hindi
1.Unblended benefits offer advantages in other kinds of mergers, too.

2.In addition, Delamain bottles unblended vintage cognacs.

3.Her painting is characterized by individual, square brush strokes with bright unblended colours.

4.The result is something like an unblended milkshake.

5.So I switched to unblended bourbon.

6.Seven thousand bottles of unblended malt whisky are on display in its " Whisky Library ".

7.This house specializes in single-cask, or unblended, sherries, some of them 30 years old.

8.The quantum effects are centered at a set of discrete and unblended frequencies highly pronounced on top of Hawking radiation spectrum.

9.Much of the best of it is sold unblended _ the product of a single artisanal distiller in a single year, or vintage.

10.If we think they will develop into a very good vintage Cognac in the years to come, we keep them and leave them unblended.

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not blended or mixed together

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