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unconsciouses sentence in Hindi

"unconsciouses" meaning in Hindi
  • Still, that covered only the disposition of my unconscious body.
  • It might have been better if he had been knocked unconscious.
  • Ledford, knocked unconscious, left the track in an ambulance.
  • She also was knocked unconscious twice in high school playing football.
  • He apparently had tried to untie the knot before becoming unconscious.
  • The youths broke Smith's leg and left him unconscious.
  • In this way we can detect its unconscious, automatic valence.
  • To drown _ to sink down _ unconscious _ supreme joy.
  • Sylvestre, clubbed unconscious by attackers, was rescued by nuns.
  • "She's lying there basically unconscious,"
  • Then I was knocked unconscious by a blow to the head.
  • The boy was strangled with a belt until he became unconscious.
  • The girl's mother found her unconscious in the woods.
  • Twice, he was rendered unconscious in gym-class mishaps.
  • There was apparently a fight, and Michael Kane collapsed unconscious.
  • Herrmann would address the unconscious regions, summon atmosphere and dread.
  • I am deeply disappointed we were so unconscious of the football.
  • But he soon became unconscious and died a short time later.
  • On an unconscious level, it has affected my work enormously,
  • Maybe it's our unconscious rebellion against the information age.
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