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English-Hindi > unconsciouses

unconsciouses meaning in Hindi

unconsciouses sentence in Hindi
• अचेतावस्था
• अचैतन्य
• बेहोशी की हालत
• अचेतन मन
• अनजान
• बेसुध
• बेहोश
• अन्जान
• बेइरादा
• अचेत
1.Still, that covered only the disposition of my unconscious body.

2.It might have been better if he had been knocked unconscious.

3.Ledford, knocked unconscious, left the track in an ambulance.

4.She also was knocked unconscious twice in high school playing football.

5.He apparently had tried to untie the knot before becoming unconscious.

6.The youths broke Smith's leg and left him unconscious.

7.In this way we can detect its unconscious, automatic valence.

8.To drown _ to sink down _ unconscious _ supreme joy.

9.Sylvestre, clubbed unconscious by attackers, was rescued by nuns.

10."She's lying there basically unconscious,"

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