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English-Hindi > unfrozen

unfrozen meaning in Hindi

unfrozen sentence in Hindi
1.With the disintegration of Soviet control, everything has become unfrozen.

2.About 20 of the lake's 100 acres are unfrozen.

3.The Chukchi Sea is unfrozen from mid-July through September.

4.What happens when the milk is frozen and then unfrozen back?

5.The third player will be named when Class A rosters are unfrozen.

6.These changes allow them to stay unfrozen at temperatures well below freezing.

7.Last year, for example, roadside lakes were unfrozen by March.

8.He is Unfrozen Caveman Swinger, cryogenically preserved since the'70s.

9.Funds frozen with much fanfare have later been quietly unfrozen.

10.Iraq repeatedly has called for its assets to be unfrozen.

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not frozen; "unfrozen ground"

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