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English-Hindi > ungroomed

ungroomed meaning in Hindi

ungroomed sentence in Hindi
1.White was a dirty man with ungroomed hair and bad teeth.

2._Some residents were left ungroomed and their personal hygiene neglected.

3.Snowshoes really make a difference in ungroomed snow and tight woods.

4.The big danger on ungroomed trails is avalanche.

5.Moguls : Mounds of snow, both natural and skier made, dotting ungroomed runs.

6.When you put on snowshoes it's really fun in ungroomed snow and woods.

7.He is depicted looking tired and ungroomed.

8.Henry felt this more ungroomed approach was in alignment with the themes of the album.

9.Powder : Light, ungroomed snow.

10.Snow was falling so hard that he couldn't distinguish between groomed and ungroomed snow.

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not neat and smart in appearance; "he was wrinkled and ungroomed, with a two-day beard"; "ungroomed hair"

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