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ungroomed sentence in Hindi

"ungroomed" meaning in Hindiungroomed in a sentence
  • White was a dirty man with ungroomed hair and bad teeth.
  • _Some residents were left ungroomed and their personal hygiene neglected.
  • Snowshoes really make a difference in ungroomed snow and tight woods.
  • The big danger on ungroomed trails is avalanche.
  • Moguls : Mounds of snow, both natural and skier made, dotting ungroomed runs.
  • When you put on snowshoes it's really fun in ungroomed snow and woods.
  • He is depicted looking tired and ungroomed.
  • Henry felt this more ungroomed approach was in alignment with the themes of the album.
  • Powder : Light, ungroomed snow.
  • Snow was falling so hard that he couldn't distinguish between groomed and ungroomed snow.
  • There's a wide variety of groomed, ungroomed, cruising trails and steep pitches.
  • With the addition of The Heritage Express, a large ungroomed advanced only area has been created.
  • He prefers the back-country style of cross country skiing, which is done on ungroomed trails.
  • The first couple of turns along the ungroomed edge of the trail were inspiring with the fresh snow.
  • Nature Boy & Girl packages stand out for their spontaneous photos of smiling, ungroomed babies.
  • Most ski areas have designated off-trail areas _ ungroomed, unpatrolled slopes _ for avid powder buffs.
  • It was snowing real hard, but I didn't have to worry about groomed or ungroomed snow.
  • Most of the group had been growing out their hair since last October in an ungroomed attempt at team spirit.
  • The difference is much more control in steeper ungroomed terrain than old Blue Cruiser ever thought possible for him to ski.
  • Many trails are left ungroomed, though cruising folks fear not : Fully half the mountain is devoted to cruising trails.
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