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English-Hindi > unicycle

unicycle meaning in Hindi

unicycle sentence in Hindi
1.I picture mariachis, confetti, a mime on a unicycle.

2.The World Unicycling Championships will be held in Seattle this summer.

3.The next step is to make unicycling into an Olympic sport.

4.The article was called " Did you see the Unicycling Clown?

5.The unicycle still hangs from a hook in the garage.

6.He bought a unicycle and set out to conquer it.

7.You do not win the Indianapolis 500 with a unicycle.

8.Mountain unicycling combines elements of mountain biking and downhill skiing.

9.Clubs in Minnesota, Michigan and Quebec play unicycle basketball.

10.OK, hop on your everyday 8-foot-tall unicycle.

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a vehicle with a single wheel that is driven by pedals
Synonyms: monocycle,

ride a unicycle

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