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English-Hindi > unlogical

unlogical meaning in Hindi

unlogical sentence in Hindi
1.While law can be completely unlogical, logic is used to show that.

2."But I have years of experience with women, so the decision wasn't unlogical ."

3.Would not be a real problem but as it is quite unlogical I'd like the move be executed.

4."It is completely unlogical to accept that Macedonian forces are not allowed to take control of our own territory, " he said.

5.Well, I know that these are called " possessive pronoun ", but this appear unlogical and unreasonable to me, because they are treaded like articles.

6.The websites of the movement are like parodies or art and make totally no sense to me but many other movements are the same-strange and unlogical.

7.It would be too drastic to block him, but as you will see by studying his patterns, he has for months demonstrated the same behaviour in which unlogical reversions and rude / senseless speculations are prominent, but not exclusive, factors.

8.You do all that, because you yourself realize, that only incorrect and unfair arguments can try to secure the existence of this strange and unlogical, by no linguistic argument certified group . antifinnugor 11 : 40, 6 Jan 2005 ( UTC)

9.In reply to the above the problem editor's websites which he claims show that he has genealogical experience actually show nothing of the sort and are a complete mass of unlogical nonsense . talk ) 15 : 30, 29 December 2015 ( UTC)

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