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English-Hindi > unloose

unloose meaning in Hindi

unloose sentence in Hindi
1.Federal purse strings finally will be unloosed after years of neglect.

2.I unloosed a long cast, just in front of the redfish.

3.The slaughter in Colorado has unloosed the usual gush of therapy-talk.

4.The epidemic of negativism, once unloosed, finds few mortals immune to injury.

5.Our hourlong tour refreshed our memories of stalactites and stalagmites and unloosed our imaginations.

6.Ni�o passes to unloose a shower of petals.

7.Crying is found to be not enough for the heart to unloose its great emotions.

8.In particular, it has unloosed Nazis and their deeds as acceptable analogies for perceived political misdeeds.

9.By throwing down the gauntlet to God, he unloosed an unholy ruckus that has roiled the land.

10.The Tarlac River spilled over and the unloosed waters tore open a new channel half a mile wide.

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loosen the ties of; "unloose your sneakers"
Synonyms: unloosen,

grant freedom to; free from confinement
Synonyms: free, liberate, release, unloosen, loose,

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